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ISBN: 978-1-4415-9769-4/978-0983295907
November 2009/February 3, 2011
Holland Legacy Publishing
Kindle/Trade Paperback
284 Pages
Historical Fiction (with romantic elements)
Ratings: 4 Cups

In late 19th century France, an innocent woman, Suzette Camille Rousseau, has lost her father, fiancé, and home to the cruelties of the time. Moving to a convent shelter, then a washhouse, and finally when about to be auctioned off at a whorehouse, Suzette is saved by a slightly jaded Englishman.

Robert, an English nobleman, has returned to visit the brothel and buys a virgin and begins to care for her immediately. Refusing at first to take her virginity, he eventually helps her escape the Madame and sets her up in one of his houses in England.
They become lovers but time, their stations in life, and circumstances, including the return of Suzette’s former fiancé, may push the couple to the breaking point.

Price of Innocence is an extremely well written book, with splendid dialogue. The characters and scenery are vivid in their descriptions and examples. Readers are shown numerous aspects of the plotline, giving the book a depth few first novels achieve. Characters, both good and bad, are reflections of the times and readers get to see the root causes of the characters’ behavior, preventing them from being caricatures. There is no sex in the book, so readers must visualize how the characters are engaging in the act. The use of Bible quotes is interesting. Unfortunately, I disliked the awkward and jumpy ending and felt it was a poor segue into the next book of the series. I do congratulate Ms Hopkins on the publication of her first novel and hope for her success as the series continues.

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