Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN # 978-0-385-34191-2
June 9, 2009
The Bantam Dell Publishing group
$24.00 US/$28.00 CAN
304 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Gwen Merchant’s life is moving along just fine, or so she thinks. She is married to a nice man, has a job that she kind of likes and good friends. Yet when she runs into an ex-boyfriend; she starts to question the way she has been given and accepts love in small packets. Yet with Elliot it seems like a vast ocean and so real.

Peter is Gwen’s husband. He is an anesthesiologist and a very safe husband. They get along well enough, but they keep parts of themselves hidden from each other.
Elliot is Gwen’s old boyfriend who has never stopped loving her and schmooze’s his way back into her life. Only his mother is deathly ill and he promised that he would bring his new wife to meet her. Only, he has no wife thus the idea to have Gwen play the part.

With conflicting emotions, Gwen decides to do the favor. Yet throughout the charade she is given much to think about and her thoughts and emotions begin to change. She is working thru issues she should have worked thru years before. What will her choices be if she falls back in love with Elliot? Will she stay in her marriage or go for true love?

Bridget Asher has written another smashing book. I have become a fan of her work. I love the way she puts the reader and the characters on the same level to become one to journey through the story together. Her characters are so entertaining and the storylines she uses can easily relate to anyone in their own lives. This is a book you will want to read and share with a friend.

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