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ISBN: 9781619501287
November 18, 2012
Gypsy Shadow Publishing
20 pages
Young Adult/Paranormal/Thriller
Rating: 4 cups

Summer art camp in Arizona is where sixteen-year-old Karen meets her roommate Cypress for the first time. Cypress can already draw the most realistic figures and images, whereas Karen is working to improve on her nature drawings.

In class, Karen meets a cute boy, Kai, and they start hanging out. For some odd reason, Cypress does not like him and warns Karen not to hang around with him.

Things definitely start to get weird when Cypress begins "seeing" things without actually being around, and her drawings, especially a lifelike one of herself, seems to take on a life of its own.

This is a short story, and one that held my attention right from the very beginning. Though the ending was a bit sudden and not entirely clear, fans of the YA/paranormal genre should like this story if they are looking for a quick, engaging read. The story left me wanting to know what happens next!

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