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ISBN #978-1-4000-7200-2
August 2010
Waterbrook Press
Trade Paperback
352 Pages
Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Saphora Warren is the wife of an extremely successful plastic surgeon and the mother of three grown children. She is the perfect wife and mother and has pretty much lived for her family for too long.

Bender Warren is a success and the world, his world that is, revolves around him. He has a perfect wife, not that he is at all loving, kind, or faithful to her; two beautiful homes, and overall his life is exactly the way he wants it.

Saphora has had it with her philandering, demanding, and inattentive husband and her life in general. This party for Southern Living will be her last in this house; her bags are packed and she will decide what to do at the family’s summer home. Everything changes when her husband comes home and announces that he is dying. Once again she gives up her plans for Bender, but this could be the last time and she wants to make his last days count.

This is a well written story of the end of a life and a marriage and new beginnings. The characters, if not all likable, are very well developed and real. Saphora’s tendency to be a doormat for both her immediate and extended family really annoyed me, and I felt that Warren’s final illness was almost karmic. He really was an unlikable person who cared little about anyone other than himself. His realization of that was too little too late in my opinion. Tobias’ story is a book in itself and he is my favorite character in the book. This is a summer read that will have you thinking about your own family.

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