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Pirate’s Booty Series

Book 1: The Virgin Pirate
Book 2: Her Pirate Lover
Book 3: The Pirate Bride

Pirate’s Booty Series, Book Three
ISBN# 9781607352341
January 26, 2011
Resplendence Publishing, LLC
E book
94 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Charity, secretly the dread pirate Red Charlie, is having a few drinks in a bar with her crew when a drunken man forces her to marry him. As he isn’t even marrying her, since he keeps proposing to another woman’s name the entire time, her hesitation is to be expected. But when he takes her with all the drunken finesse of a heathen, taking her virginity and a bit of her pride, she is happy to escape to the sea, hoping to never again encounter the rogue.

Jackson Shaw marries the fiery redhead in a night of drunken bliss but marital life is somewhat lacking when his bride disappears. Upon attacking a pirate ship and taking control of its bloodthirsty captain, his surprise at finding the wayward lass is closer to shock. Demanding that she spend two weeks fulfilling her role as loving wife, he attempts to make right the night he failed her in fulfilling his husbandly duty.

With the pirate bride fighting his every move, Jackson sets the course for seduction. Taming first her body and hoping to gain her heart, Jackson is thwarted by Charlie’s passionate nature while he is tempted beyond bearing by her lush curves. Will they sail off into the sunset or will they wreck on the shoals of bitterness and mistrust?

Charlie is full of a spunk and spirit that is hard to resist in this charming erotic tale of pirates and love. Although Jackson is quite the lover, the character somewhat lacked in the personality department, only picking up about halfway through to become a believable romantic lover. The lovemaking scenes were a fun frolic which altogether made me truly like the pirate and hope that she found a love worth her fire.

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