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ISBN: 9780505528285
January 2010
Dorchester Love Spell
318 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating 5 Cups

Cordelia has always been forced to hide her water nymph heritage by painting Celtic symbols on her skin. Her grandmother and her father taught her that the troupe would not want their wise woman to be able to tempt men into her bed. The only problem is Michael, and he is one very sexy problem.

Michael inherited a silver tongue from his father, and that is not the only thing he inherited. The Phoenix charm is also part of his arsenal; the only problem is he has never heard of it. But if it will save the life of his tiny nephew and Cordelia is willing to save him, then he will trust his abilities and go into the underworld to bring the baby home.

Gwyn ap Nudd has been trapped for years, now he wants revenge on the one who imprisoned him. The best way to hurt a man is through those he loves. But it is not until he has stolen Troy’s grandson that the king of the underworld realizes that Michael and Cordelia are a force to be reckoned with.

Ms Taylor has given us another mystical installment from the magical world of fairies and pixies. This time both Michael and Cordelia find that they have more powers than they knew about and that they are capable of using them to the fullest extent, but only if they work together. This is a beautifully written love story that takes the reader on a journey through life and death and an eternal happy ever after.

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