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ISBN: 978-1-60394-311-6 E-book 1-58608- trade paperback
May 2009
New Concepts Publishing
E-book/ Trade Paperback
$5.99 E-book $10.99 Trade paperback
159 pages
Cranel Erotic Romance
Rating 4 cups

Raised by her grandmother who told fortunes, Bronwyn has always known her destiny lies in the city. There she will find her love, what she doesn’t expect is for there to be a prophesy about her in the supernatural world.

Constantine is one of the last-born vampires which means, unlike most vampires, he was never human and as such he has no understanding of what it means to be a human until he meets Bronwyn. Her grandmother placed a spell on her so he cannot use his powers against her.

Luke, a true blood Lycan, just wants to stop another pack from invading his territory until he finds his life mate in danger from both the other wolves and a vampire. Deciding to protect her from everyone, he takes her to his home only to find she is the one who will be mother to the next leader of all the packs.

Caleb has been alone for a long time but that is fine for a Lion. As a Cat-Lord, he not only has the ability to become a very powerful lion he can also wield magic. When Caleb finds out that Bronwyn is in the city, he never expects her to drive through his gates of her own free will.

The Prophesy is hundreds of years old and as soon as Bronwyn arrives in the city she finds herself the target of three alpha males all determined to father her child. But Bronwyn has no idea if they want her or just want to breed with her.

This is a complex and twisting story that grips you and throws you around until the very end. Never quite going where you expect, this is a wild and exciting journey that includes some very sexy alpha males and a very brave and determined heroine. Ms Montague has given us the best of the supernaturals all in one place; imagine having a Lion, a wolf, and a vampire all to yourself.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Warning this book contains multiple sexual partners and sex with a shifter in full beast form.



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