Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-0-06-184035-7
June 22, 2010
Avon/ Harper Collins Publishers
Trade paperback
432 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Eve would never in a million years believe she would, or even could, become a stepmother. It just was not in her plan. But when she falls in love with Ian, a widower with three children, she becomes just that. But things are not going as smoothly as she would have liked.

Clare is Eve’s best friend and a single mother struggling on a teacher’s salary to provide for her and her daughter. She is the ear Eve needs to help her vent, but she soon finds herself needing the same comfort when her daughter’s absent father decides he wants to meet his daughter.

Clare and Eve start out being there for each other and soon a few others join in what has become The Other Mothers’ Club. Each offers support and advice from their own experiences and from different walks of life, forming friendships along the way.

What an emotion-filled read. I laughed, cried, steamed in anger and ran through a whole host of emotions. Being a stepmother myself, I so wish I had a support network like Eve and her friends made; I could so relate to many issues they went through. Ms. Baker opens up a world that can sometimes be dark and lonely as well as “evil”. She also offers answers to questions many have asked at the end of the book. Whether you are a stepmother, evil or otherwise, you will want to enjoy the journey these women make in their lives.

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