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Detective D.D. Warren Series
Book 1: Alone
Book 2: Hide
Book 3: The Neighbor
Book 4: Live to Tell
Book 5: Love You More

ISBN: 978-0-553-80723-3
June 16, 2009
Bantam Books, an Imprint of Random House Publishing
Hard Cover
373 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Nobody knows real monsters like Jason Jones, and he has made a solemn vow to protect his family at all costs. He knows first-hand how nothing in a horror movie compares to the evil that can lurk right down the block from your very own home.

Like many of her counterparts, Detective Sergeant D.D. Warren has a sixth sense when it comes to ferreting out the truth in her investigations. And this time her senses are screaming that there is something terribly wrong with Jason Jones.

This case is driving D.D. nuts, and the deeper she digs, the more she muddies the waters. A missing wife, a cold-blooded husband, and a registered sex offender for a neighbor have D.D. spinning her wheels, but nothing adds up. Jason is terrified of losing his daughter Ree and his freedom, but he is a master of shutting down all emotion in the face of tragedy. Ree is his first priority, above all else he vows to keep her safe, and if that takes drastic measures, experience has taught him well.

The power of this book is how it makes you question every suspect in your own mind, and you are practically begging for the truth to come out. Jason is a fascinating character; ice-man, desperate father, and prime suspect. You alternately want to hug or shake him. The questions keep coming at rapid fire pace, and through it all I love how Jason keeps Ree as his main focus. This book excels at throwing its readers into blind curves and dead ends, absolutely never a dull moment.

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