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ISBN: 9781615723201
1993/ Reprint-February 2011
Damnation Books
24 Pages
Paranormal Erotic
Rating: 3 Cups

Note: This tale was previously published through Zebra Books in 1993 as part of an anthology entitled Dark Seductions

Laura Bennett and her husband Julian are on the hunt for a specific tomb. Their search takes them to Egypt where myths, legends, and a curse surround the tomb they are looking for.

She is called The Nameless One. She is so feared that no one will speak her name for fear of the curse that will be bestowed upon them.

Laura does not know what has come over her and her husband while searching for the tomb. There is something in the air that is sinister and yet seductive. Finally finding The Nameless One should have been a cause for celebration. Instead it leads to death, destruction, and a vow of vengeance. Can Laura make everything right again or will everyone else’s lives be affected by the find that she has mistakenly opened?

The Nameless One is an intense novel steeped in curses and legends. There is an aura of horror surrounding this tale and the graphic depictions seem to enhance this feeling. Ms. Griffith takes you to the edge and beyond with this haunting tale of love, adventure, and getting what you wish for even though the consequences can be horrendous. If you like mythological tales that include bits of horror then you will enjoy this novel.

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