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The Seven Deadly Sins
Book 1 - To Sin with a Stranger
Book 2 - The Most Wicked of Sins

Book 3 - The Duke's Night of Sin

ISBN: 9780061491016/ 9780061937941/ 9780061937958/ 9780061937996/ 9780061937972/ 9780061937965/ 9780061937989/ 9780061938009
September 29, 2009
Avon Books, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers
Paperback, Ebook
$6.99 (US)/ $9.50 (CAN)
368 Pages
18 and Up; Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lady Ivy has an idea that will thwart her father’s disownment plans for her. In order for her to be re-established in the family’s honor, she must marry within thirty days or forfeit not only her family, but her home as well. She has set her eyes upon the most eligible bachelor, Lord Tinsdale, and all signs point toward matrimony until she shows up.

Nick is minding his own business after spending the day at the theatre until he opens the door into the alley and hits a woman on the head. The beautiful woman has a proposition for him, one that can make him some quick money but also happens to be highly illegal.

The plan is to have Nick, being the great actor he is, to play the part of Dominic Sheridan, Marquees of Counterton. Even though he is by no means a titled gentleman, the object is for Lord Tinsdale to realize what a catch Ivy is and leave her rival’s clutches to come to her and offer for her hand. There is just one problem -- Ivy did not expect Nick’s kisses to be so explosive and leave her wanting more of him and not Lord Tinsdale!

Kathryn Caskie continues her exciting Seven Deadly Series with The Most Wicked of Sins. Ivy has the sin of envy and wants nothing more than to reclaim the man she thinks should be hers. Nick goes along with the plan because it sounds like an interesting idea. Suddenly though he finds himself falling for the beautiful Scottish woman and wants nothing more than to make their pretend love into something more. This amazing and wonderful tale is full of sexual tension, plans going awry, crazy schemes, hilarious outtakes, and a love story that will have you sighing in contentment and waiting impatiently for the next book in this series by this outstanding and gifted author!

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