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ISBN: 9780982361511
June 2009
Highland Press Publishing
236 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Dr. Jack Youngblood is a forensic pathologist. He has been in the Medical Examiner field for twenty-five years, and he knows dead bodies. Though his friends call him “ghoul” when it comes to getting to the bottom of a death, what he finds is considered the law.

Jill Hanraty is one of the forensic investigators who work with Jack. As a single mother, the day-to-day struggle for monetary necessities can get tiresome. She wants a raise, but because she is dating Jack, who also happens to be her boss, he is afraid everyone else will see it as favoritism.

When a John Doe comes in, Jack goes out of his way to find out who the man is and how he died. Knowing it was murder is one thing, trying to point fingers at a government agency is another. Eventually the mystery dies down and the body is forgotten, until another John Doe surfaces. This time Jack will use all of his skills to find the culprits, even when the clues point to someone who may be working side-by-side with him in the morgue.

The Mosquito Tapes by author Chris Holmes is very compelling, mysterious, and keeps you guessing until the very end. While there is a definite edge-of-your-seat feeling, some of the terminologies used to describe the medical parts are a little confusing at times. However, other ingredients of the story including some of the medical elements are so crystal clear that I understood them perfectly. Hints of romance, tons of suspense, terrorism, terrifying circumstances, and a medical examiner that is willing to go the distance makes this story a definite read for fans of mystery and medical books.

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