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ISBN#: 978-1-61581-342-1
December 2009
Dreamspinner Press
76 Pages
M/M Contemporary
Rating: 5 cups

Magnus Carstens is a glaciologist who has recently become the guardian of his young nephew. Because of this, he has to give up his globetrotting around the world looking at glaciers so he can raise Jakob.

Lance Rivera is having nothing but bad luck. His lover ran off with all their money, and he has to work in his sister’s store because he cannot find work as a physical therapist.

When Magnus and Jakob come into Lance’s sister’s store, he can tell right away that the two are having a hard time communicating with each other. When Magnus sends the little boy to pick out the Christmas ornaments and decorations he wants, Lance is really confused. Why is not the man helping his son? So, he goes to help Jakob instead. Lance bonds with Jakob right away when the little boy reveals that Magnus is his uncle, not his father, and it is then that Lance discovers that Jakob recently lost his parents. Magnus admits that he knows nothing about Christmas, and Lance, more attracted than he wants to admit to himself, brings up mistletoe. Between Lance’s sister, Katie, and Jakob, Magnus and Lance are encouraged to do an “experiment” by kissing under the mistletoe. Fireworks go off for both of them, and it is not long before they are spending a lot of time together. However, Lance wants more than to just be Magnus’ lover and Jakob’s friend, he wants to be part of their family forever. Will Magnus see the light, or will he lose Lance forever?

The Mistletoe Phenomenon is another winner from Ms. Yates in my opinion! I really got a kick out of Lance’s sister, Katie, and Jakob playing match maker for Lance and Magnus. I loved Jakob’s personality, he is just so cute! Poor Magnus is so totally clueless that you just have to love him. When Magnus and Lance finally come together, the lovemaking is explosive and emotional for both of them. Throw in a meddling aunt and uncle who want custody of Jakob for their own nefarious ends and you have the makings of a really great story. The Mistletoe Phenomenon personifies the Christmas season and what it is all about. I cannot recommend it enough!

Coffee Time Romance & More



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