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  Savage Seven Series:
  Book One: The Mercenary
  Book Two: The Pirate

ISBN: (13)9780758232106/ (10)0758232101
August 2009
Brava Books, a division of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$14.00 USA/ $16.95 CAN
240 Pages
Fiction; Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Olivia Pontuf knows her life should be complete. As the fiancée of Ray Lambert, a very wealthy and handsome man and living in the lap of luxury, her life seems perfect. But there is something off and though Olivia cannot put her finger on what it is, when she sees a murder committed by her fiancé, she runs for her life.

Kirk Mann is a mercenary and with his sniper’s sense, he eliminates any and every target he is told. Working for The Savage Seven, he has had to kill or be killed as well as take out an opponent from hundreds of feet away. When a killer is needed, he is the best person to have on your side.

Fleeing her home with some of Ray’s important documents, Olivia heads to the airport to wait for help from one of her best friend’s mercenaries. When her fiancé’s bodyguard tries to take her away, Olivia fights for her very life only to have an amazing man come to her rescue. Kirk oozes danger and cold-blooded killer, but his touch is soft and gentle. What will happen when the mission is over and Kirk walks away from Olivia, a woman who has grown to love the killer he has to be as well as the tender man he wants to be?

Have you ever started a book and been so riveted that you did not want to put it down, even to go to the bathroom? The Mercenary is the beginning of a new series for Ms. Garbera and it has started off with a bang. Most of the novel takes place over a six-day time period, but with all the action, alpha men and women, secret spies, fiery sex scenes, and so much more; the tale brings such a compelling storyline it seems to last a lifetime. If you have read some of the other books by this incredible author, you will be happy to know some of her previous characters are in this novel as well. If the beginning of The Savage Seven Series is this remarkable and unforgettable, I cannot begin to imagine what comes next!

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