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Book 1 - The Menopause Murders: Hostage
Book 2 - Menopause Murders: Harem

ISBN #: 978-1-59705-186-6
February 2010
Wings ePress Books
Trade Paperback
171 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Six old friends form a new club called Women on Fire, a nod to their state of menopause. They are identified by gaudy accessories. They are very different from each other but very close. Ada is the queen of the group, a wealthy and semi-retired businesswoman, recently widowed from a philandering husband. Hannah is a widowed and attractive investigative journalist who’s fear of flying is adversely affecting her career. Lucia is a warm and motherly Italian woman who loves to cook for and take care of her friends and family. Dorie is an artist, tall and beautiful. Impulsive and a bit flighty, Dorie is a survivor of an abusive marriage. Meg is small and plain on the outside, but witty and extremely intelligent to those who know her. She is a newly retired forensic scientist who grew up in war torn Bosnia. Last but not least is Theo, a newlywed and stepmother who runs a grief counseling service. She is practically perfect and was a Mother Superior for many years.

A killer has fixed on Ada and terrorized her in her home. He points suspicion towards her stepson and has killed her gardener.

After Ada is attacked in her home by a gun wielding thug, the Women on Fire rally around her to find out exactly who is behind the crime and what he is really after. Suspicion seems to point towards her stepson, Danny, who was in rehab in Alaska. Meanwhile romance blooms between Hannah and the investigating detective and Ada’s step-nephew, Judd, seems in earnest pursuit of Dorie. The killer is still on the loose though and the combined brainpower and experience of the Women on Fire can only help, if they can stay out of danger.

This is a very entertaining mystery filled with suspense and humor.  The ladies of Women on Fire are each unique and larger than life in their own way.  The twists and turns in the plot make it hard to tell exactly who the good and bad guys are, but in the end the reader will realize she had all the clues all along.  I fell in love with this group of fifty somethings who definitely prove that life does not end with menopause.  Hannah and Lucia are particularly strong characters and I was definitely drawn to Meg, but the other three are very interesting in their own way.  The Women on Fire are definitely a group to watch.

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