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ISBN# 978-1-60435-769-1
August 1, 2010
Solstice Publishing
135 Pages
Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Paranormal, General Fiction
Rating 3 cups

Colonel Kendrick Landry is traveling on his starcraft, the Auroroa, when he takes on Maxwell Rheinhardt who wants to use the ship to travel to planets to supposedly search for Kronos but instead to boost the economy by collecting needed resources and boosting work ethic. By the people believing in Kronos, they will travel to these distant planets and it will rebuild planets that were essentially abandoned after a war with the First Intergalactic Alliance. Since Rheinhardt is funding the mission at the behest of Landry’s superiors, he finds himself entangled in his plight, even though he does not believe in Kronos.

Cult leader, Robert Zilhoff, through devious use of his followers and the media, forces his way onto the ship for the mission as he does believe there is a Kronos and he wants to be there when it is found. Is Zilhoff the key or does he have a more nefarious purpose for joining the mission?

When Colonel Laundry’s men start to disappear, he is led to the planet Varcon to the city of Kronos where the people are of one mind, literally, and move in Stepford like activity. Will Landry find Kronos or is it all just a myth?

Written in the style of old school science fiction, this story is perfect for lovers of Ace Books and others of that ilk and genre. Like stepping into an episode of Star Trek, this ‘space adventure’ is very detailed in its descriptions of things like anti-gravitational vehicles and planets within various star systems. Somewhat lacking in character depth and emotional attachments, it was however, true to the genre it was written in, if the genre itself was a bit archaic.

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