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Legend of St. Dwynwen Series

Book 1: A Winter Scandal
Book 2: A Summer Seduction
Book 3: The Marrying Season

Legend of St Dwynwen, Book 3
ISBN# 9781451639520
23 April 2013
Pocket Books
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Genevieve Stafford can always be counted on to do the right thing. She is always calm, always in control, and always within the bounds of society. Genevieve even agrees to marry the boring Lord Dursbury because he is utterly decorous. Surely, a marriage built upon the solid foundations of breeding and manners will be a success.

Charm and wit come quite naturally to Sir Myles Thorwood. It is not his fault that women seem content to throw themselves in his path. He knows he will eventually have to settle down and marry. Until then, he finds himself satisfied by the witty repartee he shares with Lady Genevieve Stafford, the sister of his childhood friend.

When Genevieve’s carefully ordered world collapses around her, it is Myles who steps in to offer an unexpected port in the storm. She marries him because she has no other choice. Beyond that, Genevieve begins to realize that there is far more to Myles than she ever suspected. Behind the careless rake is a man who is willing to offer her unconditional acceptance and the love of a lifetime.

Those readers familiar with the St Dwynwen trilogy may remember fondly the charming and roguish Sir Myles. Although the romance between Myles and Genevieve is filled with plenty of twists and turns, it is rather difficult to see Genevieve as a truly sympathetic character. In the end, readers may be left thinking that Myles has got the short end of the stick.

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