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The Marriage to a Billionaire
Book #1: The Marriage Trap
Book # 2: The Marriage Bargain
Book #3: The Marriage Mistake
Book #4: The Marriage Merger

Book #4 in the Marriage to a Billionaire series
ISBN #: 1476744904/9781476744902/1476744912/9781476744919
July 30, 2013
Simon and Shuster Publishing
$6.83/ 13.99
401 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Julietta Conte is a strong, independent woman that runs her family business like a well oiled machine. Unfortunately, when it comes to relationships she is left cold and unmoved, until Sawyer saunters into her life. Not only does he ignite her body, but she is in danger of losing her heart.

Sawyer Wells is a tough, ambitious, self-made billionaire. He has built his hotel business from the ground up and always gets what he wants. Now he wants Julietta, and when he gets her she is more than he expected.

Merging the family business with Sawyer Wells’ company is the biggest opportunity for Julietta to prove how capable she is at managing the La Dolce Famigla branch of the corporation. Her work is her love and passion and she has no time for romance. Besides, she has been hurt in the past and knows that no man can ever capture her heart. After a night with Sawyer, her ideas are turned around and she cannot get enough of this new feeling. Unfortunately, she knows this will not last and the most important thing is the business deal, but her heart cries out for more.

I adore the Marriage to a Billionaire series. The Marriage Merger did not disappoint me. Julietta is a tough business-minded woman who is not ruled by her heart. No regular man is enough for her and that is why Sawyer is a perfect fit. He has such a tragic past that has taught him to be cool, distant and hard, but the sparks fly whenever he and Julietta are together. Both protagonists have so many issues to work through and they need each other to deal with their troubled pasts. Flawed characters are always so much more interesting and relatable. As always, the supporting characters are fascinating and fun. I sincerely hope that Wolf gets a chance at love in a future book. And Mama Conte is always so clever and crafty. This story is thrilling and sweet and has a more than satisfying ending.

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