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Maisie Dobbs Novels
Book 1: Maisie Dobbs
Book 2: Birds of a Feather
Book 3: Pardonable Lies
Book 4: Messenger of Truth
Book 5: An Incomplete Revenge
Book 6: Among the Mad
Book 7: The Mapping of Love and Death
Book 8: A Lesson in Secrets

Maisie Dobbs Novel, Book 7
ISBN#: 9780061727665/ 9780061727689/ 9780061987540/ 9780061987878/ 9780061977534
March 2010
Harper Perennial, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers
Hardcover/Trade Paperback/Large Print/E-book/Audio
352 Pages/368 Pages/480 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Maisie Dobbs is an investigator who has just been given a case that hits close to home. She must unwind the clues to figure out a murder that took place sixteen years ago.

James Compton knows he is seen as a sort of playboy who has a devil-may-care attitude. But after a major breakthrough, he realizes he needs to come to terms with his tragic past and start living in the present.

Maisie is supposed to try to find a woman through the letters that were written to the murder victim. Soon after the victim’s parents hire her, they are attacked and badly beaten. She knows she is beginning to get close to the answers when someone strikes much closer to home. With her already overflowing plate, she still finds time to get to know the real James who happens to be someone she can fall in love with. As the clues continue to pile up and the tensions rise, she has to ask herself if she will get the chance to see where her relationship with James is going.

I really like how The Mapping of Love and Death starts out. We get a chance to meet the victim before he is murdered which gives us a chance to feel closer to the storyline. Ms. Winspear addes more to the plot when she throws James and Maisie together time and again, and gives them a romantic spin. I do think there are times that I felt as if the story dragged a bit, especially when it came to a play by play of some of Maisie’s daily rituals that had absolutely nothing to do with the mystery and surrounding story. But overall this is a nice read and I for one would like to have Maisie at my back, especially if I needed a mystery solved.

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