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ISBN# 978-1-60659-295-3
February 2012
Mundania Press, LLC
90 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Vincent Cleburn has lived a remarkable life that is approaching its end. As an orphan, vaudeville worker, silent film star, and big game hunter, Cleburn embraced the public spotlight. He is best known, however, for his affair with Yolanda Dodson in the 1930s. The quest he embarks upon to win Yolanda’s attention ends in a life-changing revelation that will haunt him for the remainder of his life. Before he departs on his final trip to spend the remainder of his life in the frigid mountains of his initial revelation, he arranges to share the tale of his quest for Yolanda’s attention with a member of the press.

Novice journalist Julia Santos is surprised and honored to be chosen by Cleburn to interview him about his affair with Yolanda Dodson. Even though the events occurred more than three decades in the past, Julia considers herself a liberated young woman who embraces the Summer of Love in 1969. She knows that a successful interview resulting from a meeting with Cleburn at a beach front restaurant will make her career.

From the moment she meets him, Julia is attracted to Cleburn who is half a century her senior. She is aware that she should maintain her distance to insure her objectivity, but she is absolutely fascinated by the man. Cleburn teases Julia with bits and pieces of his history, playing on her attraction to him - frequently reminding her that what she wants cannot be.

The Man Who Loved Yolanda Dodson is a well written story about two people who meet for the first time to discuss events in the older man’s past. Since only Cleburn’s side is presented by him, the reader must assume that he is telling the truth and that his perceptions of what occurred with the other characters and the story are also true. Without revealing too much, the story he relates is bizarre, bordering on the paranormal. Readers of traditional historicals might be disappointed by the time period (1930s - 1969) in which the story occurs. Readers of romance might be disappointed by a story that is more literary fiction than historical romance.

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