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Lothario Series
Book 1: The Lust Boat
Book 2: Show Me the Ropes
Book 3: Love Me Twice
Book 4: Four of Hearts

ISBN: 9781603105958/ 1603105956/ 9781603105965/ 1603105964/ 9781603105972/ 1603105972/ 9781603105989/ 1603105980/ 9781603105941/ 1603105948
January 2011
Red Sage Publishing, Inc.
$ Unavailable
174 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Candace Williams cannot believe her friends talked her into taking a cruise on the Lothario. If she had known it was a floating orgy, she would have run as fast as possible the other way.

Ryan Callahan is part owner of the Lothario but instead of partying with the women, he spends most of his night watching the security cameras to make sure everything is safe onboard. But one look at Candace, and he knows he has to have the sensual woman.

Right away, Candace finds herself attracted to Ryan in a way unlike anyone before, including her ex-fiancé who stated she was frigid. Even as their attraction sizzles out of control, Ryan has kept the fact that he owns the cruise ship a secret from his new love interest until he can find the right time to tell her. But secrets always have a way of coming out, and the news that Ryan is a part owner of the Lothario has her feeling as if he has used her. Can he get her to understand why he kept who he is a secret and get her to come back to him, or is their love going to become a thing of the past?

The Lust Boat is a red hot tale with so much sex the lust was practically oozing from the pages. I liked how Candace developed from this shy woman with a damaged self-esteem into a confident lover making this book more appetizing. I could see how two horny college boys would come up with the concept of the lust boat, and how stale the one week flings got for Ryan as he grew older, mainly due to the fact that he was no longer a student looking for a quick lay. Then there is the added bonus of having a second story between two other characters which leaves the reader with the impression that they just might get their own tale in the future. What a unique story Ms. Lee came up with, making this novel quite an interesting read.

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