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ISBN: 0373718209
December 1, 2012
Harlequin Superromance
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Natalie Kimball has a way with the law. She knows how to wrap it around her finger. She wonders whether her father can see fit to leave his business to her as he retires. She has had a crush since childhood on a man who she never feels she could have. He has always been popular with the ladies.

Bruce Cole has lost touch with his past. He does not want to look back. Being blamed for his best friend's death is something he has not resolved. He is not sure if he ever will. He never stays in one place long and does not have any intention of ever getting serious with a woman. He does not feel anymore, plain and simple.

The issues Bruce think exists in the small town he is from may be a figment of his imagination. Natalie likes assisting others, but Bruce closes up so easily that she is not sure what he wants from her. She knows that others all understand that Bruce's best friend Brian died because of his own negligence, but she does not know how to assist Bruce to heal and make things right within himself. What can they both do to assist each other while Bruce looks after his grandfather during the quick downfall of his health? While Natalie is trying to prove herself to earn her father's firm and the town's loyalty, what can Bruce do to assist her to get where she wants to be?

I enjoyed this book because it spoke of the vulnerable sides of such strong characters, Bruce and Natalie. There are some handicaps and weaknesses that are rare to read about and this book includes some. Taboo topics are mentioned and dealt with in a very inspiring way! You are able to see a progression of love blossom and sprout for these characters as they take us on a real journey that is not pretty but very real!

Coffee Time Romance & More




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