Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-0-307-59508-9
July 2011
Alfred A. Knopf
Hard Cover
293 Pages
Fiction / Horror
Rating: 5 Cups

When you have lived for two centuries the meaning of life is meaningless, at least in Jake Marlowe’s current frame of mind. He is tired of it all, if in fact he is even feeling that much, so maybe it is time to end the chase.

Waking up was in itself a small miracle for Talulla Demetriou, but at the time she was clueless as to what had actually transpired. The months since the attack have opened her eyes and expanded her senses, but the loneliness is slowly killing her.

The strategy used by the Hunt did not deliver its intended result, and no one is more surprised by his actions than Jake himself. He is on the move once again, but at every turn he can feel the ever present tingle of knowing he is being watched. Between the vamps and the Hunt, Jake cannot decide who is the more dangerous, or what it is they all want from him. But one thing is certain, there is more to his world now than just himself.

Never again will you pick up a paranormal novel and not compare it to this. The thoughts, feelings and actions of Jake Marlowe are presented to the reader with acuity of language so sharp and well-honed it is like being a voyeur to Jake’s psyche. The snippets of historical, literary and geographical references build a world so rich you can almost feel it. And in the end, you will know that reading this once will never be enough.

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