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Charlotte Stone
Book 1: The Last Victim
Book 2: The Last Kiss Goodbye

ISBN: (13)9780345535405
7 August 2012
Ballantine Books
336 Pages
Contemporary Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Dr. Charlotte Stone has spent the last fifteen years carefully restructuring her life into a perfect professional presentation. Revered as an expert in the field of criminal psychology with an emphasis in serial killers, she works on research funded by a federal grant. Her reputation as an unflappable, cool and logical consultant is above reproach. No one could ever accuse Charlie of flights of fancy or bizarre behavior.

Reality is not quite what Charlie makes it seem. Her careful existence covers a past full of violence and psychic experiences. After being the only survivor of a string of unsolved serial murders committed by a man called the “Boardwalk Killer”, she has dedicated her life to understanding psychopaths. Her work is really just an elaborate coping mechanism for a host of truths Charlie wishes she could change.

Now her carefully crafted world is falling to pieces. The “Boardwalk Killer” is back and handsome FBI agent, Tony Bartoli, calls in Charlie as a consultant. Not only must she face her past fears, she must also deal with a ghost named Michael Garland. Bartoli is the man Charlie should want, but Garland is just as sexy and charismatic in death as he was in life.

The Last Victim will suck you in on page one. Ms. Robards’ subtle blending of paranormal romance and suspense will keep readers glued to the pages until the very end. Charlie’s realistically repressed personality is a lively match for Garland’s irreverent alpha appeal and throwing good guy Bartoli into the mix makes for an irresistible dichotomy. I cannot wait for the next book in this brand new series, and I give this one an enthusiastic five cups!

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