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ISBN# 9780425240847/ 9781101505427/ 9781101514825
May 3, 2011
Berkley Publishing Group
Print/ E Book
$15.00/ $9.99
368 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Claire Harris has changed her life from the one she was born into. Once the daughter of a dirt farmer, she rose to become a privileged socialite forced to act just shy of a whore for her powerful husband. When the world she fought to create begins to tumble like a house of cards, she flees to Paris and to the arms of a former lover. But will she find more than she expected in France?

Thomas Grey is an Englishman who loves flowers and France. Fighting for the French Resistance, he makes Claire feel shallow and simple. With him spurring her on to become a spy for her new homeland, she proves to have a brave and indomitable spirit even she wasn’t aware she possessed. Will they both die for a cause they cannot help but believe in?

With war crashing around their ears, Claire and Thomas are swept into a romance with bombs bursting in the background. Paris is a major character in this novel—beautiful and strong and refusing to fall though the German army occupies her streets—and the spirit of her people is brilliantly brought to life in this dramatic tale. Although the outcome of the war may be evident, in retrospect, the characters and the life breathed into them makes a reader flip the pages, urgent to find out if they survive the occupation.

Claire is one of those characters that—although bound by the words she is crafted from—leaps to such brilliant life it is like watching a movie. Her spunk and determination in the face of a tragic time that broke even the men around her is a pleasure to read, leaving this reader rooting for her as the story evolved. The romance between Thomas and Claire was wrought in such a way that it is impossible not to fall in love with Thomas as deeply as Claire does. Excellent storytelling and tear-jerking history abound in one book. Since this is Sheene’s debut novel per her publisher’s site, I will be eagerly awaiting more from her brilliant pen.

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