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Seduced by a Demon Series

Book 1: The Last Soul
Book 2: Hunted
Book 3: Playing for Keeps

ISBN# 9781926950433
April 2011
Evernight Publishing
84 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Fania died in a brothel fire 150 years ago; to become human again, she gathers souls for her demonic boss, Mastema. Usually she enjoys her work, but this time she is having problems figuring out the wicked side of her latest victim, Jace.

Jace has been dumped by his fiancée for wanting too much sex, but is thrilled to meet Fania. This unusual woman has changed his life, but his stress level is making him forget things he should remember, and he is having bad dreams from the worst time in his life.

Mastema wants his soul now, but Fania has realized something is wrong with the situation and that Jace is too good to sign his soul to the devil. If she fails though, the devil will have her.

The Last Soul is wonderfully romantic, exciting, and sexy as all get out. It definitely has the WOW factor, and has almost no clichés-I even went back to check. As a review and reader, I cannot tell you how much that thrills me since the book’s hero is a preacher’s son who is close to his family. Great writing allowed for sharp dialogue and excellent scene setting. I really enjoyed not only how Fania and Jace’s relationship developed, but by how Fania developed personally from her excitement at the fall of horrible humans to her concern over the possible fall of an honorable man. The villain is perfectly evil and easy to loathe, as he should be. Sex scenes are hot, with the romantic ones being wonderful. The only problem I had was the snarky use of one news channel, but other than that, The Last Soul is a great book..

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