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Pack Seduction Series
Book 1: Claiming Their Mate
Book 2: Freya’s Mate
Book 3: The Last Princess
Book 4: Forbidden Mate

Pack Seduction Book 3
ISBN: 9781926950860
September 2011
Evernight Publishing
75 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance;
Rating: 4 Cups

Delia is the last princess who is unmated. She refuses to become mated to men who are not of her choosing.

Caleb is a fox shifter, considered the lowest on the shifter pole. Just because he is considered on the low alpha side does not mean he does not know how to treat a woman right.

Alexander is an alpha male wolf shifter. He has been chosen by the queen herself to be mated to the princess and has waited for over five years for his elusive fiancée. He is tired of waiting, but he has no idea where to even begin searching for the princess.

Ulric is a bear shifter and has loved Princess Delia for years. But he knows the queen would never approve of him mating her since there has already been one bear shifter mated to Delia’s sister.

Delia decides the only way to stop her mother from forcing her to mate is to go back into the palace and confront her mother about the rules. She never expects to fall for a fox shifter, but while working closely with Caleb, she gets the chance to see how a softer shifter can treat her like she needs to be treated. When Alexander and Ulric finally get a hold of Delia, their reaction is to show her how true alpha males handle their runaway princess. Can Delia get the happily ever after her sisters have gotten?

Reading an erotica story can be chancy. Sometimes there is too much sex and not enough storyline. Other times there is a good storyline, but not enough sex to qualify it as erotica. The Last Princess has a great mesh of both steamy sex and great plot. I loved how Caleb is considered a lower form of a shifter, yet his presence was bigger than life and he knew just how to treat the sensual Delia. Ms. Espino knows how to write a sexy story and this tale is just the right fit for ending this enticing series.

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