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The Secrets of Hadley Green Series

Book 1: The Year of Living Scandalously
Book 2: E-Novella: The Christmas Secret
Book 3: The Revenge of Lord Eberlin
Book 4: The Seduction of Lady X
Book 5: The Last Debutante

The Secrets of Hadley Green, Book 5
ISBN# 9781439175484
26 February 2013
Pocket Books
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Daria Babcock is tired of being the last debutante left in Hadley Green. All of her friends are not only married, but also having babies and enjoying their deliriously happy lives. When her family receives a plea for help from her Grandmama in Scotland, Daria leaps at the chance to go and visit her beloved Mamie. Finally, she has a chance to get out of Hadley Green and have a little adventure of her own.

Laird Jamie Campbell cannot figure out what the crazy Englishwoman is up to. First, the old woman steals clan money from Jamie’s ailing Uncle Hamish, then she up and shoots Jamie in the back and tries to hold him hostage. When Jamie awakes and finds himself face to face with the crazy woman’s beautiful granddaughter, he decides there is only one option, if he ever wants answers, so he takes Daria hostage and holds her in the Campbell family stronghold for ransom.

Daria is nothing that Jamie expects her to be. Plucky and full of life, she inserts herself into Campbell Clan life despite their determination to hate the English interloper. Soon, Jamie begins to realize that, even if her family pays the ransom, he would rather not part with his precious prize. Sometimes, it takes the hand of fate to put the pieces exactly where they need to be.

Ms. London writes a cast of unforgettable characters that readers will fall instantly in love with. As both Daria and Jamie grapple with the importance of familial duty and honor, their battles will resonate strongly with modern audiences. Sprinkled with poignant details of life in the Highlands, this is definitely one to add to your shelf.

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