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ISBN(10) 1449097189/ 13) 978-1449097189
July, 2010
Author House
Print/ Hardcover/ eBook
$ 14.95/ $24.95/ $9.99
314 Pages
Rating 3 cups

Deanna is given a story to investigate and will dig until she finds the truth. But when a connection begins between herself and Jamie, she begins to wonder if revealing his secrets is still a good idea. While her daughter, previously frustrating, begins to bloom and flourish, she wonders if she can find a happiness that she hadn’t been looking for.

James Doyle is a mysterious man, running an equine rehab center and training facility. When faced with Deanna and her family, he immediately sees that he can help. Also, he is drawn to Deanna even though other matters of dire consequence loom.

In a story told by a Priest on a train, these characters must face myth brought to modern day as well as very concrete issues from the fight with the developers to teenage angst. A modern fairy tale told in the rich voice of Ireland.

Although hearing an Irishman speak is enough to make the hairs on my arm raise in delicious pleasure, an entire novel written in the flowing dialogue is hard to digest. The story circled its way lazily towards a plot while being filled with handy footnotes to let you know what the author was referring to. Although Terry Pratchett made me love footnotes in literature, Ecklof used them to describe things that should have been evident in the plot, suggesting an inability to use context clues to help the reader along. A complex story woven with vibrant characters but told using such a slow, winding road that the reader is subject to getting lost along the way.

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