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ISBN # 9780061976278
November 2010
Trade Paperback
459 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Elizabeth is the beautiful and lively daughter of King James I of England. She is intelligent and very popular with the people. She has few true friends due to her position and is very fond of her dogs.

Tallie is a slave owned by Queen Anne. She is a friend to Elizabeth and can be counted on to tell her the truth when no one else will.

Frederick is the Elector Palatine. He wants to marry Elizabeth but is not quite important enough at first. He is intelligent and good looking, and Elizabeth wants to marry him more than any of the other aspirants to her hand.

Elizabeth Stuart is the ancestress of the present royal family and the grandmother of King George the First. She is better known as the Winter Queen for her short reign in Bohemia with Frederick. This is the story of her early years up to her marriage.

The author of this book does a masterful job of capturing the drama and intrigue of James I’s reign and the role of women and slaves in that age. The king himself is not very popular coming from Scotland after the death of the popular Queen Elizabeth, but his elder children are very popular, leading to all sorts of plotting and planning by the ambitious. I really enjoyed the author’s realistic portrayal of this little known but very important personage, and her determination to marry the man she wanted. The author does a great job in bringing historical figures such as Queen Anne and King James to life as well as the almost forgotten Prince Henry. This author is definitely one of the best I have read in this genre.

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