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ISBN #: 978-0-9819568-6-2
May 2010
The Story Plant
Paperback/Trade Paperback
176 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Antoinette has spent more than five good years in a residential care facility, and with every passing day she avoids leaving her room and spends more time curled up in bed with her memories. Her unemployed son Warren has taken to cooking lunch for her in hopes she will rouse herself from her self-imposed isolation.

Joseph has lost his bearings. He wakes up surrounded by strangers, not knowing much of who he is or how he has gotten there. One thing he is certain of is that somewhere his wife is worried about him and he must find his way back to her. He has no solid memories and no clue how to get to his wife, but he is determined to find his way home.

Antoinette, Warren, and Joseph are three different individuals all searching for the elusive something or someone who represents home. In her reminiscences, Antoinette is reliving her newlywed life with a young husband, looking forward to their lifetime together. Warren has been having a rough year as his marriage has officially ended and he is watching his mother deteriorate as he worries about finding a job. Joseph pairs up with a young man as they road-trip to search for the wife he can barely recall. Can these three find what they are looking for during their individual pilgrimages?

Mr. Baron treks the reader through an unforgettable contemporary romance. Hauntingly poignant and beautifully moving, this well-written piece takes the reader on their own journey. I have rarely felt so close and yet so far away from my own grandmother as I did while reading this book. And as sexist as it sounds I am utterly surprised that these affecting moments are written by a man. I would like to see more of Warren's story and I hope that one day soon I can find out how his life is progressing. This is a touchingly tender story full of emotions that I will definitely recommend to family and friends.

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