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ISBN# 9781467555104
September 2012
Independent publishing
288 Pages
Science-Fiction Mystery
Rating: 4 Cups

Dr. Charles Carr thinks he has finally discovered the secret to immortality. Up until recently, he has never cared about the subjects of the failed experiments, but when he gets threatening messages on all of his technical devices, he begins to get scared and regrets his actions. Alex Lucido has been close friends with Charles for years and is excited when he asks for his help with the experiment. But as he delves deeper into Charles’s world, more danger surrounds him and his wife.

Micheal Adams, Kiera Evans, Lilly and Trevon Howard are all in need of money. When the opportunity to participate in a study in exchange of a large payment arises, they do not hesitate to volunteer. At first, the experiment seems easy, but as time passes, they get the feeling things are not what they appear. Upon further investigation, they uncover Dr. Carr’s terrifying secrets. Now they have to rely on each other to fight against time and the dangers the experiment put them in.

The Immortality Experiment affects many people’s lives. For Dr. Carr, it is his chance to be the most famous inventor. For the volunteers, it is a chance to become wealthy. For Alex, it is a life-changing experience. And for the government, it is the chance to save America. Everybody wants to get their hands on it, but at what cost?

The Immortality Experiment is a suspenseful and thrilling story. I can understand Dr. Carr’s obsession with immortality. Who would not want to have their body restored to perfect health and live forever? Ms. Conde fills out the characters very well and makes them all relatable, including the mad-scientist, Dr. Carr. Electromagnetism is explained very accurately, and I like how it is used as the basis for trying to change the human physiology. Each of the underlying plots weaves together, seamlessly into a satisfactory ending. Very well done.

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