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Dragon Knights Series

Book 1: Maiden Flight
Book 2: Border Lair
Book 3: The Ice Dragon
Book 4: Prince of Spies
Book 5: Firedrake
Book 6: Dragon Storm

Dragon Knights, Book 3
ISBN# 9781619213968
30 October 2012/Originally Published September 1 2006
Samhain Publishing, LTD
191 Pages
Fantasy Shape-Shifters Red Hots!!!
Rating: 3 Cups

Lana is a rare, powerful dragon healer who has rescued an uncommon ice dragon, Tor. She and Tor escape from the Northern king who has them enslaved and who has also no knowledge of her gift. After rescuing the black dragon, she does not expect so many surprises like his shape-shifting, a possible family and a land where dragons are partners with humans.

Roland is the king of the dragons who can shape-shift into black dragon. He does not expect to be wounded so badly while reconnoitering up north. Lana and Tor finding him is a blessing. Finding a rare dragon healer whom he is attracted to no matter her innocence is not expected either. The possibility Lana is his mate is just one of the things he will gain from meeting her.

Lana and Tor work to share their knowledge of the Northern Army's tactics and weapons with the others. Being raised as a slave makes it hard to believe Roland is the king and she a princess. She gets the opportunity to learn more about her healing gift. The Northern Army has to be defeated, so Roland also has to convince Lana she is good enough to be his mate and queen.

This was a fairy tale like story with not much to worry about beyond the romance. It is a read that has steamy sex scenes, an element of fantasy, and woven with drama told in a way that is not too complicated to read. The world Ms. D’Arc wove with the dragon knights, and their customs mixed with the romance between the two was enjoyable and fascinating to read.

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