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ISBN# 9780553807592/9780553807595
September 2010
Random House
512 Pages
Fiction, Fantasy
Rating: 4 cups

Ivy, the new Lady Quent, is working on remodeling her unique home in the parallel universe that seems to be a mixture of Victorian England and a magical world unlike any existing in our reality. The house is full of eyes that watch her and mysterious doors that lead nowhere and she, as a magician who is newly a member of high Society, finds herself torn between studying her father’s texts and discovering the mystical mysteries around her.

Eldyn Garrit is a clerk by day, adding sums for the church. By night he works for a theater creating illusions of light and hanging out with his friend and magical guide, Dercy. As he is introduced to a world darker than he had guessed possible he is also tempted and torn between his desires and religious beliefs.

Mr. Rafferdy has gotten stuck holding his father’s place and attending to his duties due to illness. Although he may regret his loss of Ivy to Lord Quent, Rafferdy has secrets of his own. Some even he doesn’t know yet, but he is drawn back to Ivy’s side to combine their powers for good.

As these three very separate storylines wind together, we learn of a dark future that risks their world. Will they be able to stop the forces at work, or is the power to great for them to conquer?

In lyrical Regency style, this story winds through a fantastic world historically similar enough to ours to draw the reader in, yet with intricate rules all its own. A slow building story, it is somewhat frustrating at times when things finally start to happen, and Ivy decides that she will go to the Park or otherwise do something that she feels Society requires rather than something interesting to the plot. Also, the reader is left with a burning desire to see her husband die and have her involved with the much more interesting Mr. Rafferdy; however, the reader will have to pick up the third in the series to see if this comes to pass.

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