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ISBN- 9780061768255
October 13, 2009
Harper Perennial, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
354 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Ben Mercer is a young man getting divorced from his wife. His daughter, Vanessa, is reluctant to have anything to do with him. His life is falling apart around him.

The Spartans lived thousands of years ago. They were gods, goddesses, heroes and average people. Very little of their history was recorded in writing, leaving modern people to either make things up or trust archaeologists to bring the past to life.

Ben is running from so much, but he is not sure what he is running toward. He arrives in southern Greece and is at loose ends. Working in a restaurant, he meets up with a fellow named Eberhard Sauer. He knew Eberhard from Oxford where they attended school. Eberhard lets it slip that there is an archaeological dig going on in Sparta, but tells Ben there is no room for another person. Ben perseveres and arrives in Sparta to be part of this wonderful discovery. While pottery and skeletons are a lovely find, there are some secrets that should never be discovered.

Mr. Hill has a very unique style of writing. He not only tells a terrific story, but there is history to be found within the pages of The Hidden. I learned more about the ancient Greeks than I ever could have imagined. Ben is a character the reader will automatically gravitate to, I believe. He is always on the outside looking in, yet when the door is opened he will walk in, even if only in the hopes of being part of the “in” crowd. This novel is mysterious and thrilling all at the same time.

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