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ISBN-13: 978-0-373-83758-8
January 2011
Rating: 4 Cups

The Toughest Girl in Town

Being everyone’s official doormat is getting pretty tiresome for Melinda Terwilliger, and though she has no idea how to change, she does know that she wants to.

The quiet, unassuming little English teacher catches Matthew MacGuire’s eye right away, but not only for reasons most would imagine.

Getting mugged really left Melinda shaken, and when her best friend, Rodney, comes up with a way to build her confidence, she takes it. She is sick to death of the creeps taking over her neighborhood and is determined to do something about it. Matt fears that Melinda’s newfound self-assurance is going to get in the way of his job, but more importantly, he does not want to see her hurt.

Mousy Melinda finds her roar, and it is a hoot to see. Even better though is watching her blossom into a woman and leave behind the need to always please.


No chocolate, no nail biting, and NO MEN round out this year’s top three resolutions for Nell Rose Collins, and hopefully this year she can really turn her life around.

Writing horror novels has been a huge success for Julian Maddox. It is also a great way to exorcise his own personal demons and shut out the rest of the world in the process.

After finding out that her latest date was with a married man, Nell Rose is off to lick her wounds and swear off men for good, well…maybe for a while. However her little trip to a remote cabin retreat ends up leaving her stranded with one very gorgeous stranger. Thinking he has had a stalker for weeks, Julian is a little reticent about having an unknown houseguest, but Nell Rose is just too beautiful to turn away. A decision he fears he may not live to regret.

Beautiful house, gorgeous man, and enough snow to keep you holed up for several days sounds like the perfect way to ring in the New Year to me. Julian and Nell’s story is a wonderful escape from the winter doldrums, so get your cup of cocoa, sit back, and enjoy.

Mystery Lover

All work and no play have made Jayne Myleston a very dull girl, and though she dearly loves her job, a little fun on the side would be a welcome reprieve.

For eighteen months, Nick Fontana has watched and waited, but with the New Year almost upon them it is time to act.

Nick, or Mr. Intimidating as everyone else calls him, is one of the most exciting, handsome, and intelligent man Jayne has ever met, and to have him as her boss makes coming to work a thrill. To have a man like that love her would be beyond imagination, but dating her boss is completely out of the question. Nick has bided his time trying to figure out the best way into Jayne’s heart, but with her Mystery Lover and her no dating coworkers policy, he fears this merger may be one he will never be able to pull together.

A job to die for and a man who will fulfill every fantasy imaginable is more than any girl could ask for. Nick and Jayne are perfectly suited and an absolute pleasure to read. Like the perfect dessert to top off a decadent meal, they leave you sated, satisfied, and smiling with joy.

Who says you cannot have it all? Well with these three authors, you get everything you could wish for and more. Men with a little mystery and a lot of mastery, and women who learn how to take life by the horns, makes this a delightfully entertaining read. Of all the couples, Nell Rose and Julian are probably my favorite, just because they feel the most down-to-earth and realistic in their relationship, but each of these stories has fantastic appeal in their own right.

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