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ISBN# 9781615722327
February 2010
Eternal Press
360 Pages
Paranormal Historical
Rating: 3 Cups

Bronwyn is a peasant who witnessed the murder of her father and is responsible for her sister’s survival. She meets the man she will come to love after knocking him to the ground when he tried to grab her. Unfortunately, this makes her a pawn between royal houses and court betrayals. As a healer and singer, her talents may get her branded as a witch.

Edward, the King, takes Bronwyn as his mistress, and they begin a wonderful affair. His cousin, the Earl of Warwick, decides to use Bronwyn as a weapon against Edward in his bid to take over the kingdom.

Cruelties are heaped upon Bronwyn, but her love for Edward and then her son give her great joy. Her enemies, though, will do anything to get what they want, even encouraging the rabble to burn witches at the stake.

The Heart of The Rose is a re-release and a trip back to old school bodice-rippers, including a frightening rape scene. Bronwyn is saved as a heroine by her devotion to her family and friends. Her problem is that she, at times, behaves illogically. Edward is a good hero, and loving, but knows his place as King. The villains are wonderfully awful and the opportunity for one to get their comeuppance is a treat for readers. There are a few quirks to the plot that had me shaking my head, but I quickly got past that and was able to enjoy the book. I enjoyed the historical aspects of the book and feel that Ms. Griffith has done a good job with the research, making Heart of the Rose a fascinating romance.

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