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The Big Bad Bosses Trilogy

Book 1: The Vampire's Seduction
Book 2: The Secret Fantasy Society
Book 3: The Hamilton Men


Big Bad Bosses, Book 3
ISBN# 9781600888359
20 July 2013
Cobblestone Press
30 Pages
Historical Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Tilly Nolan is desperate to get a job in the city. The position as a maid at Dr. Hamilton's seems like the perfect one. She is immediately attracted to him and is more than willing to try out a new position when he suggests it. She learns many new skills and loves every moment of it.

Dr. Hamilton is an attractive man, very skilled with his hands. He is also quite the ladies' man. When he sees Tilly, he cannot get her off his mind. He offers her a chance to become his assistant and his mistress. He is delighted to find she is a fast learner.

Tilly Nolan arrives in the city hoping to find a job to escape her old life. Fate smiles on her when she hears about an opening at a physician's house. Even though she has never been a maid before, the housekeeper gives her a chance. Within a week, Dr. Hamilton gives her an even more tempting offer. Nervous at first, she soon finds her new life extremely enjoyable and hopes it can continue for a long time.

I enjoy the steamy love scenes, including the ménage. The budding romance is a nice addition. It is a little difficult to believe Tilly and the doctor go from being strangers to being in love quite so quickly, or that there is another attractive Doctor Hamilton from out of town who likes to share. Still, those elements do make the story fun and hopeful. Overall, this is a cute, fun erotic romance with a surprisingly satisfying ending.

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