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ISBN#: 9781601684980
April 2011
Aspen Mountain Press
279 pages
Contemporary Mystery/Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Jules De La Cruz, a private investigator for an agency that uncovers unfaithful husbands to document their misdeeds for money-hungry wives, is drawn back into her old life. Her current one was uncomplicated, nothing her wits and martial arts training couldn’t handle. But Jules, a former CIA agent, with her European connections becomes the perfect foil as well as the ideal implement to bring down an old conspiracy dating back to WWII Italy. The action speeds up as the plot twists and turns in increasingly unique ways.

Thomas Palomar, a journalist Jules meets seemingly by accident in Rome, is not the kind of man she’s used to. Her learned caution and briefly described personal issues keep them from trusting each other at first. He proves himself to be trustworthy and innovative while he works his way into her heart. Jules and Thomas begin to uncover layer after layer of intrigue worthy of a Dan Brown puzzle, without the numbers.

The trail leads to Paris where Jules meets up with her godfather, André, a lovable generous man with questionable connections. Among the picturesque characters, be they charming or sinister, the credible cast supports the intelligent action. Her ex-husband, Joseph, and her former boss, Halloway, all mesh together to make the story real.

Despite the change in venue: Santa Fe to Europe, this is a believably and beautifully paced adventure in the hands of a skilled storyteller. Description is skillfully dropped where needed. There are no gratuitous long descriptions of scenery yet the readers feel as if they are really there, holding their breaths, hanging off the latest cliff Ms. Albright has dragged them to. This delightful page-turner keeps the reader guessing up to the last second.

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