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ISBN#: Unavailable
February 2010/April 2010
Hearts on Fire Books/Solstice Publishing
Price Unavailable
126 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cupsa

Eden is an interior designer and loves her job. She is short, with dark hair and fair skin and is very witty to the point of being sarcastic. She is fortunate to have two very good friends and has been engaged for the last ten years.

Jasper is a private investigator. He finds that it pays much better than being a policeman. He is tall, dark, and handsome and is a very good friend of Eden’s friend, Joe. He often helps him with his cases.

Eden is having a pretty terrible week. First she finds her fiancé giving another man a lap dance while wearing her lingerie, then she loses her job, then her cat dies, and finally she is accused of murder. She has obviously been set up and the victim’s wealthy family wants a scapegoat. Jasper Carrington’s job is to hide her until her good friends, Joe and Tilley, find enough evidence to clear her of arson and murder. It is not a good time for either to start a relationship, but they just cannot help themselves.

Eden and Jasper’s story is full of suspense, great love scenes, and a little bit of humor. The opening scenes had me feeling sorry for Eden and admiring the way she handled things, particularly her boss’s nasty wife. Her quick wit and sarcastic remarks really make the story, and the chemistry between the two is electric. Tilley and Joe are colorful characters and the murder could not have happened to a more appropriate victim. There is also a pretty good twist before the end. This is a very well-written story that I could not put down until the last page. This author is rapidly becoming one of my favorites.

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