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ISBN# (13)9780062106064
10 July 2012
William Morrow
437/432 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lucy Jorik is supposed to be marrying the perfect guy, until she flees the church on the back of a stranger’s motorcycle. Now she is embarrassed and confused, with no idea how to make things right or force her life back on track. Worse still, she is tagging along from Texas to the Great Lakes with a dangerous looking man, who goes by the name Panda. He is infuriating, mysterious and way hotter than Lucy is comfortable admitting.

Patrick Shade did not realize what he was signing on for when he agreed to work private security for Lucy Jorik’s wedding. The woman is nothing like he expects. Not only does she turn her back on her perfect fiancé, she has decided to squat in his rundown lakefront vacation home. Now Lucy is playing house and forcing Patrick to step outside his comfort zone to confront demons from his past he would rather never face.

The chemistry between Lucy and Patrick is toxic from the start. Add in an evil celebrity workout queen, an orphaned bi-racial boy, a lovelorn real estate broker and a heartsick beekeeper, and life on the Great Lakes Island really gets interesting. As all of these troubled souls begin to mesh, lives will change and Lucy will find the kind of love most people only dream about with a man who never wanted to be Prince Charming.

The Great Escape involves a loveable cast of characters that have appeared over the years in Ms. Ms. Phillips’s other novels, but the book can stand entirely on its own. The writing is sleek, the plot fresh, and the result is a whimsical portrait of life and love. Phillips does a masterful job of making an almost unbelievable set of circumstances seem not only plausible, but also expected. Readers will enjoy the pleasurable unfolding of this latest book from the best-selling author of Call Me Irresistible.

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