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ISBN# 9781-927368-26-8
December 18, 2011
Evernight Publishing
85 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Kaya Waters is attracted to her sexy teacher. There is just something about him that makes her feel wild in a way that no boy could ever satisfy. When he suggests that she is too young, that it is not a good idea, she is driven to tempt and taunt him into her arms. Will he be the man she knows in her heart he could be?

Hayden Taylor would have to be a saint not to notice Kaya’s dedicated campaign of seduction. And he is not having saintly thoughts at all when faced with the lithe beauty that seems determined to destroy his logic and steal his heart. Can he resist the one woman he has desired in such a very long time?

Passions collide and the two of them set off on a course for pleasure. But not everyone is thrilled that they are together. One student, a boy who has been pursuing Kaya, will do anything to get her, including destroying Hayden if he has to. Will their love be the thing that destroys them both… or the only thing that can save them?

An erotic tale full of sexual tension, Espino has fulfilled one of the most well known sexual fantasies. Who has not sat in a classroom and ogled their teacher, imagining them throwing horn-rimmed glasses aside to unveil a sex god? But this story is unique insofar as the characters actually have a lot in common, making their romance believable and their tenderness likeable. All in all a fun frolic full of sex hot enough to fog up your glasses, horn-rimmed or not.

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