Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 978-0-385-34337-4
March 29, 2011
Bantam Books
Trade Paperback
287 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The perfect plan Rachel Friedman had for her life went terribly askew when she realized that music was not her future. The need to remove herself from everything familiar is so intense that Rachel is halfway over the Atlantic before the reality of what she has done hits her.

Traveling like a vagabond from one country to the next is what makes Carly truly happy. She loves her home and family, but her soul craves the adventure and discovery of new places.

Months away from home and alone in a foreign country is most definitely the craziest thing Rachel has ever done, and for the first couple of weeks it takes everything she has not to hop on a plane and head home. And just as the over-achiever in her is about ready to throw in the towel, Rachel meets up with an Aussie named Carly. As with any real friendship, Rachel and Carly have their rough patches, especially when it comes to Rachel’s very well honed sense of self-preservation, and Carly’s complete lack thereof. But as the weeks turn into months, and Rachel experiences more of the world than she ever thought possible, she learns that her life belongs only to her, and that the young woman with all of those carefully laid plans no longer exits.

As a mom I sympathize with Rachel’s parents, and their fear for their daughter’s safety, but as a woman who has only caught fleeting glimpses of the world beyond my own, I am truly envious of Rachel’s journey. It would be an amazing gift to become a world traveler, and experience the beauty the world has to offer, but to do so on a shoestring budget really makes you appreciate the courage it takes for Rachel and Carly to keep going. The narrative within this book is wonderfully written, and allows the reader to feel like they are traveling step by step with our intrepid explorers. And if Rachel ever decides to share the story of her and Martyn, I will be getting in line to read their adventure.

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