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ISBN #(13) 978-0-446-58221-6
March 10, 2012
Grand Central Publishing
272 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

A sense of identity is perhaps the most elusive thing gained from our growing up years. When your childhood is spent under a string of false names given to you by the witness protection program, you are at a distinct disadvantage. May, Terry, Linda, Sandra, all of those names have belonged to Melody Grace McCartney at one point. She just never belonged to any of them.

Dropping her identities and moving to a new place has become a coping mechanism for Melody. She cannot have a normal life with all the normal trappings of adulthood, so why stick around? Now in the middle of her latest relocation, she finds herself face to face with a man who openly admits he has been sent to kill her. Instead of being terrified, she is energized by the first shred of honesty she has experienced in long years.

Jonathan Bovaro is the son of the Mafioso whose crimes sent Melody’s family into WITSEC. As the bizarre acquaintance blossoms into something more, she begins to realize that they have both been victims of his family’s legacy of violence and crime. Only one thing remains to be seen. Can Jonathan lay his guilt to rest by giving Melody the only thing she has ever wanted; herself?

Written entirely from Melody’s point of view, The Girl She Used to Be is an emotional roller coaster ride that speaks to the searching part of every one of us. Readers will thrill to Melody’s journey of discovery as she deals with the fragmented and often painful chain of experiences that have become her life. From startling beginning to unexpected ending, Mr. Cristofano delivers a story well worth a five cup rating. This is a must have for any discerning reader!

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