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Shadow Agents: Guts and Glory Miniseries, Book 2
ISBN#: 9780373697472
March 2014
Harlequin Intrigue
$5.50 US /$6.25 CAN
216 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Investigative reporting on cold cases is Gabrielle Harper’s way of keeping her father’s memory alive, and hopefully in some way help those left behind. Her job takes her to some dark and scary places, which means she needs to be on her toes and alert at all times.

The fantasies Cooper Marshall entertains about his sweet and sexy neighbor are just that, fantasies. His life and his job are one in the same, and as an operative for the Elite Operations Division, he has no business endangering an innocent like her.

As terrifying as the thought is, Gabrielle knows she is on the trail of one of the deadliest killers D.C. has ever known. Thankfully Cooper is willing to watch her back as she comes within a heartbeat of getting caught, not only by the police, but very likely by the killer as well. As sick as it is to believe, Cooper knows that it is an E.O.D. agent they are hunting, which means he needs to get Gabrielle to safety by whatever means necessary. She will hate him when she learns the truth, and that is just the chance he will have to take, because she means more to him than his next breath.

There is a fine line of sanity for anyone in the position of these E.O. D agents, and I love how the author skates that edge. Not being able to trust those who are closer than family has Cooper really connecting to Gabrielle. She is so open and trusting you can easily see how hard it is for Cooper to keep from telling her everything. They are both strong willful people and their relationship is exhilarating from the very beginning.

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