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ISBN: 9780425227640 / 9781101058381 / 9781101059043 / 9781101058718
June 2009
The Berkley Publishing Group, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
Paperback/ Ebook
$15.00-U.S./ $18.50-CAN
512 Pages
18 And Up;
Rating: 4 Cups

Lydia Ivanova is on a mission to find her father, a man she has believed to be dead for many years. Leaving China, she journeys to Russia where every word that passes your lips can be used to bring about catastrophic events for everyone.

Traveling with her is her half-brother, Alexei, who believes his mission is to protect his sister. He knows she has a tendency to jump feet-first into circumstances that quickly spin out of control.

Along with Lydia and Alexei, there are many different characters that will play a part in the hunt for their father, and not all of them want what is best for the siblings. While Liev Popkov wants nothing but the best for Lydia, he cannot stand who Alexei is becoming. Chang An Lo is Lydia’s lover and willing to cross enemy lines to get back with the woman he calls his fox girl even as another player comes out to win her soul. Will Lydia and Alexei be able to find their father before it is too late, or are the tales of him being alive just false trails that can lead to even greater dangers?

The Girl from Junchow is an interesting and dynamic tale full of twists, turns, and surprises around every corner. Ms. Furnivall brings Russia alive during the 1920’s with vibrant characters and some very scary and shady ones as well. I could practically feel the treachery and danger crackling as I turned the pages and hoped that Lydia did not meet her demise. The only downfall for me is that parts of the telling were a little confusing, with the story being explained in a way that the reader should understand what it is like in Russia during the Stalin years. Other than that, this is a definite read for anyone who is looking for a tale about a girl who goes against all the odds to find a father who has not been in her life for years and who is ready to tear down Russia to find him.

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