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ISBN: 9780803474697
April 2012
Avalon Books
187 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

The Gingerbread House is a real piece of history in Spector, Colorado. Built in the late 1800’s, it is a three-story, Queen Anne structure, with intricately carved gingerbread on the eaves and the porch. More than that, it is Greta Kendall’s home and wedding dress shop. It is the place where Greta grew up, spending her younger days imagining to be in a fairy-tale. And now it is slated for demolition.

Stephanie Harwood is determined to build Spector’s new mall right on the spot of Greta’s home. Appeal after appeal has done nothing, and Greta is slowly resigned to her fate—the house she loves and cherishes will soon become a parking lot. And Stephanie’s fiancé, Gray Daniels, is nothing but a pawn in this whole scheme. Sure, he is attractive. He also brings in his grandmother’s wedding dress to Greta’s shop for restoration and repair. But he is engaged, quite notably to the woman who wants to evict Greta, therefore strictly off-limits.

As Greta tries everything in her power to fight the coming mall, her attraction to Gray grows slowly. But what good is the support of her community and friends if she will not be able to have what she wants more than anything else—her sweet gingerbread house, and Gray Daniels?

This is a wonderfully heartwarming story that has small town values and charm. Greta and Gray are both strong main characters, but show their vulnerabilities as well, either when discussing past relationships of domestic abuse or the ongoing difficulties of dealing with parents who are in various stages of Alzheimer’s. The reader will be rooting for these two to win their struggles. An uplifting read!

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