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ISBN# 9781615818242
March 2011
Dreamspinner Press
E book
168 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Alex Tanner is a male nurse who cannot seem to catch a break. He lives in a dumpy little flat all by himself and has an ex-boyfriend who is a real jerk.

Sid is the ghost that appears in Alex’s living room one evening.

When Sid appears to Alex for the first time, Alex’s first thought is he is about to be murdered, and he freaks out. He does not give Sid a chance to explain who he is or why he is there and instead makes a break for it, dragging his best friend Andy back to his apartment to check it out. Of course the apartment is empty, and Alex feels like an idiot at the end of it but decides he must have hallucinated the strange man with the bunny slippers. However, Sid does reappear and while Alex still freaks out a bit when he does, he is a bit more sensible about Sid’s appearance the second time around. Since Sid seems to be tied to Alex’s apartment, the two begin to get to know one another, and Alex even goes so far as to clear up some unfinished business for Sid so that Sid does not worry about it. Alex even goes so far as to spend his vacation in his apartment with Sid and the two men become quite close during this period of time. But there will come a point when Alex will have to accept that he and Sid can never have a true relationship even though they may care deeply for each other. What will Alex do when Sid finishes whatever he needed to in order to move on into the light?

The Ghost on My Couch is not your typical run-of-the-mill m/m romance, instead of the hot and heavy sex that appears in most m/m romance novels, this author chose to focus on the characters and the relationship. In this case, doing so made the book spectacular! The whole scenario is very believable, and realistic. The characters are easy to relate to, and the author makes the reader feel as though they could be anyone including their next door neighbors. The storyline takes the whole idea of star-crossed lovers and really ramps it up. Especially considering Sid is not Alex’s normal type since Alex typically prefers the overly buff and beautiful type. I loved reading about how their relationship develops and simply found that I could not put the book down until I read the last page and found out what was going to happen. The emotions are so realistic and well drawn out that I had tears in my eyes through quite a bit of it. If you like your m/m romance with a touch of the paranormal and inexplicable, then you definitely want to pick up a copy of The Ghost on My Couch, it will keep you on the edge of your seat until you read the very last page!

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