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ISBN# 9781603946711
December 30, 2011
New Concepts Publishing
62 Pages
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Carly thinks that she is going crazy. She has gotten too close to her new SIM called “Daniel”. So close, she even decided to chance the government’s attention by asking about him and the contributors used to create him. After consulting with her friend about the SIM, she finds out that a contributor may even be her friend’s dead brother who died in an explosion earlier at a government research facility.

Devlin finds himself in a cyborg body being called “Daniel”, unable to remember how or why he got where he was. He cannot remember what his memory is hiding from him, only that it might have been very important to mankind. Revealing himself to the rebels may release his memories and open him to the people who want access to what his memory is concealing. Carly’s friend may have ties to the rebels at the moon base, and her knowledge of her brother may be able to prove that the cyborg is actually Devlin.

Devlin has to remember who he is, proving who he is to his sister and the rebels, remember what he might have hidden in his brain, and delve into what his relationship to Carly might hold at the same time. While Devlin works through all that he has to do, Carly works simultaneously on trying to prove she is not imagining things by working out what she feels for Devlin and helping out how she can by supporting Devlin’s search for answers. While this all is happening they both work on not pulling the attention of the government onto them and their allies. No matter how careful they are, there is always the chance they will get caught, though if Devlin has proven himself he may get help when he needs it.

Carly and Devlin worked through their issues, both getting resolutions to them, Carly worked towards hers and proved to herself that she was not really crazy concerning who Devlin was, and Devlin earned his by working through his own to remember what he needed to. Devlin’s benefactors help him and Carly out in a way that is clever. The sketch of the world is woven well enough so the reader can understand it without being over done. This story was a good read and I look forward to reading more stories in the world the author created.

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