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ISBN#: 161926448X
March 2012
Siren Publishing
262 Pages
Mainstream Romance, Contemporary, Fantasy, Shape-shifter
Rating: 5 Cups

Katherine is human and works in a hospital nursery because of her love for children. The world she lives in is inhabited by many magical creatures. She has had nightmares since she was a small child.

Behlem is half human and half gargoyle, though he identifies the most with his gargoyle side.

When Katherine encounters a squonk in the park on her way to work she screams for all she is worth unwittingly summoning Behlem to her aid. Behlem watches trying to determine if Katherine truly needs help when the squonk leaves on its own. Still he decides to keep an eye on Katherine until she leaves the park. He is drawn to Katherine in ways he has not been drawn to other gargoyle females, she fascinates him. However, this does not stop him from trying to return her to her home once the gargoyle healer Keyne has healed her. There is only one problem with this scenario and that is that Katherine’s stepfather is the arch enemy of the gargoyles. He attempts to shoot Behlem when he tries to return her home, but Katherine chooses to take the bullet and save him. Will Behlem be able to get her back to the healer in time to save her life?

The Gargoyle’s Female is one of the best fantasy romances that I have read this year. I absolutely LOVED it! The world building is extraordinary, and the characters are realistic in spite of the fact that many of them are real only in the imagination of the author. Ms. Story does a fantastic job of bringing all the characters in this book to life and making the reader feel as though they truly exist. The love scenes are believable and well written, as well as emotional despite the fact that Behlem tries to look and sound tough. He ended up being one of my favorite characters and I thought he embodied all the good traits of both the gargoyles and the humans in the story. This book is a keeper and I will be buying more of this author’s books in the future. This is one book that is well worth reading, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy love story.

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